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Who Inspire

We are honored to have talented women who work with us. They inspire us. And they motivate us through their leadership and work ethic.

Aside from being on the road, these women provide mentorship and support for other women who drive. They stand up and face adversity. They are strong and make the company — and their communities — a better place to be.

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at CRST!

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Six Tips

For Road Safety


Preplan stops
Only use safe, reputable truck stops and rest areas.


Use free safety apps
Let loved ones know your location. One-click help-alerts. Use the Red Panic Button for Apple devices and Safety Assistant for Android devices.


Park smart
Choose a pull-through spot that is well-lit.


Stay alert
Know your surroundings. Secure the truck when sleeping.


Use your cellphone
Videotape predators as you tell them to quit following you.


Report suspicious activity
Tell the travel center and/or highway patrol.

Women in Motion

Women in Motion

CRST is a proud member of the Women in Motion Council. The council seeks to address the gender gap in the trucking industry by empowering women to pursue and succeed in all aspects of trucking, from driving to management, and to ensure that they are treated with respect and equity in the workplace.

“The Women in Trucking Association, CRST, and other team-driving transportation companies are constantly working towards creating a safer workplace for their female drivers.”

Ellen Voie,
President and CEO of Women in Trucking Association Inc.