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A Focus on Safety

At CRST, safety is at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s driving down the road or working in a shop or office, keeping our workplace safe is our top priority.

What Does

I am Safety

Mean at CRST?

CRST Safe Employee

“We look out for one another so we can make it home safely to the most important people (and pets) in our lives. When I AM SAFETY becomes more than words on a sign, TEAM CRST is operating at its best.”

CRST Safe Employees

We're all responsible for safety at CRST.

If you see a safety concern, we want to know. A safety observation today can prevent an accident tomorrow. Don’t dismiss a near miss.

What is a safety observation?

  • Review the physical conditions of yards, break-rooms, and bathrooms, including customer facilities.
  • Consider freight handling process improvement and quality loading of trailers.
  • Identify processes that contribute to fatigue and distraction.

Celebrate safety wins!

Let us know if you see someone:

  • Helping another learn a new safety task, load security, perform a proper pre-trip, or any other safety measures
  • Going above and beyond to promote our culture of safety
  • Participating in community safety activities


Safe on
the Road

Professional drivers keep our economy running smoothly. When sharing the road with drivers and the tractor-trailers they drive, follow these simple tips to help make our roads safer for everyone.

6 Tips for Road Safety

Rewarding Safety

At CRST, when we reach our safety goals, we like to celebrate them.