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Driving Through the Glass Ceiling: Women Truckers are Trailblazers in the Industry

Trucking has traditionally been a male-dominated industry but women are trailblazers in the industry at 16% of truck drivers.
women truckers

It’s no secret that trucking has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. But, times are changing; women truckers are trailblazers emerging as top talent in the trucking industry. Women currently make up 16% of all truck drivers, that may seem like small potatoes on the surface, but just 10 years ago, women made up less than 11%. The slow but steady upward trend shows one thing: Women are driven to be truck drivers. Let’s take a closer look at women in trucking:

Women truckers are helping ease the ongoing shortage

We all know about the ongoing trucker shortage that’s been shaking up the industry. The shortage of truck drivers has been a problem for many years, and it’s increasingly gotten worse over the last few years. Women are beginning to step up to fill this void. In fact, many women are discovering that trucking is a great career option that offers a flexible schedule, good pay, and the opportunity to travel.

They’re breaking down traditional trucking lifestyle stereotypes

Women in trucking are also breaking down stereotypes and helping to change the perception of the trucking industry. Many people still associate truck driving with a “rough and tough,” “hypermasculine” lifestyle, but women are proving that trucking is a great career for anyone, regardless of their gender. By showing that trucking is a profession that is open to everyone, women are helping to attract more people to the industry, including other women.

Cruising past the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a big issue across many industries, no doubt. But in the trucking industry that gap appears to be much less visible. According to Ellen Voie, the founder of Women in Trucking Association, “A carrier sets the pay based on mileage, hours, or percentage of the load. It is not related to age, ethnicity, or gender.”  

The percentage of women truckers continues to steadily rise

Women truckers are trailblazers and are becoming a top talent in the trucking industry, their impact is being felt in a big way. The increasing demand for drivers, the breaking down of stereotypes, and the support from the trucking industry are all contributing factors to why women are making such a big impact in trucking. Women are proving that trucking is a great career option for anyone, regardless of their gender.

We support women truckers at CRST

In addition, the trucking and transportation industry is taking steps to support women truckers. Companies are recognizing the value that women bring to the trucking industry and are working to create a more inclusive workplace. This includes offering flexible schedules, better equipment, and a supportive work environment.

At CRST, we’re actively, and continuously, working toward a more inclusive, equal work environment for women in trucking. We are honored to have talented women who work with us. They inspire us. And they motivate us through their leadership and work ethic. Check out our women in trucking page for various resources, mentorship opportunities, safety tips and hotlines specifically for the women working in the trucking industry at CRST.