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Staying Fit on the Road: 5 Easy Exercises for Truck Drivers to Try Out

Staying fit on the road can be a challenge. Truck drivers spend most of their time sitting behind the wheel or their truck, which is a huge roadblock when it comes to staying fit and active.
staying fit while on the road

Staying fit on the road can be a challenge. Truck drivers spend most of their time sitting behind the wheel or their truck, which is a huge roadblock when it comes to staying fit and active.

However, exercise is necessary to not only maintain a healthy weight and cardiovascular system, it also helps keep your immune system strong, boost your overall energy levels, and improve sleep. Three things that are more important than ever as we head into winter and cold and flu season.

It takes time to research different ways to keep your body moving when you’re on the road so often. Instead of spending your precious hours Googling different ways for truckers to stay fit; we did the research for you. For the sake of your budget, and to save space in your truck, we’ve listed beginner level exercises that provide little to no equipment.


Squats are great for your glutes and hamstrings; this exercise is especially important for truckers who spend a majority of their day sitting behind the wheel of a big rig. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stand on the band with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Holding a handle in each hand, bring the top of the band over each shoulder. If the band is too long, secure it in place by crossing your arms at your chest.
  • Lower as if you’re sitting down into a chair. Keep your chest up, abs firm, and feet flat.
  • Rise back up to the starting position.


Like squats, planks are a great exercise to include in every trucker’s workout routine; they help strengthen your core while adding muscle to your abs and your lower back. Here’s how to do a proper plank:

  • Position yourself on the ground face down
  • Prop your body up and rest on your forearms and toes.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can; you’ll start to feel pressure in your abs, and you will want to dip your lower back into the ground.
  • Keep your back rigid as you perform this exercise, or you will injure yourself over time. 
  • Planks are usually performed for one minute or more at a time depending on your fitness level.

Glute Bridges (using resistance bands):

Although this exercise does require the use of resistance bands, you can find them relatively cheap online. Glute bridges are great for people who have sedentary jobs, strengthening your glutes and hips. Here’s how to do glute bridges:

  • Tie a resistance band around your legs right above your knees.
  • Lie faceup with your feet on the floor, bending your knees to 90 degrees.
  • Raise your hips by contracting your glutes and applying gentle pressure outward against the band until your shoulders, hips, and knees align.
  • Repeat 15–20 reps.

Sitting Row (using resistance bands):

This exercise provides similar benefits as doing a bench press does – just without all those clunky weights. The band seated row targets the rhomboids and latissimus dorsi; helping to sculpt the upper and middle back. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sit on the ground/floor and put the band under your feet.
  • Put your shoulder blades together and look in front of you.
  • Focus on your arms, keep your elbows in.
  • Breathe out and pull the band along your legs line. Then, repeat.

Cat-cow yoga pose/stretch:

Stretching is key for a good workout. And yoga in general comes with numerous bnefits and requires minimal equipment. This stretch is specifically helpful for your abs and your spine. Regularly practicing this stretch can help prevent and alleviate any back pain you’re experiencing from long days on the road. Here are step-by-step directions on the cat-cow yoga pose:

  • Start by getting on your hands and knees, aligning your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.
  • Keep the neck long by looking down and out.
  • Curl your toes under.
  • Tilt your pelvis back so that your tailbone sticks up.
  • Let this movement ripple from your tailbone up your spine so that your neck is the last thing to move.
  • Your belly drops down, but keep your abdominal muscles hugging your spine by drawing your belly in.
  • Take your gaze gently up toward the ceiling without cranking your neck.
  • Release the tops of your feet to the floor.
  • Tip your pelvis forward, tucking your tailbone. Again, let this action move up your spine. Your spine will naturally round.
  • Draw your navel toward your spine.
  • Drop your head.
  • Take your gaze to your navel.

Repeat the Cat-Cow Stretch on each inhale and exhale, matching the movement to your own breath; Continue for 5 to 10 breaths, moving the whole spine. If you’re a visual learner check out this instructional video.

Staying healthy on the road can be a challenge but pairing these simple stretches and exercises with a healthy diet should help keep you in shape while you’re out on the road. So, crank up your favorite trucking tunes and try out these simple workouts next time your trucking to a new destination.