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Truckers Need Sleep Too

truckers need sleep

How to Make Sure You Get Plenty of ZZZ’s While on the Road

Whether it’s for leisure or for work, we can all agree traveling is tiring, and truckers need sleep. Travel is a key component of truck driving, which is why it’s incredibly important to be well-rested and clear-minded before hitting the road.

Getting plenty of rest may be easier said than done for some truckers, whether it’s due to stress, bright lights, loud noises, or discomfort catching plenty of zzzz’s each night can be challenging. When you’re a truck driver, it’s impossible to do your job when you feel exhausted. Not to mention, it’s incredibly unsafe for both the trucker and the drivers they share the road with. In 2019, crashes involving large trucks killed more than 5,000 people and injured 159,000 others, according to a report by the Department of Transportation. In fact, driver fatigue was the second most common cause of these accidents.

That’s why we’re here to help all you hard-working truckers get plenty of rest with these helpful tips:

  • Avoid the noise- If you can, try parking your truck in a quiet, secluded area of your rest stop to avoid any disturbances. If that’s not an option, try investing in a good quality pair of ear plugs or a sound machine to buffer any outside sounds.
  • Block out the brightness- Invest in blackout curtains for your truck, or just a good eye mask.
  • Delete any distractions– Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode to avoid any distracting calls, messages, or other notifications. It’s also a good rule of thumb to stay off your phone – or any other bright screens – starting about an hour before bedtime. It’s been proven the blue light associated with those screens inhibits your body’s natural production of melatonin —  the chemical your body needs to help get you to sleep. It can also inhibit the amount of time you spend in REM sleep, which is your deepest and most restful state of sleep.
  • Be diligent with your diet– Eating high calorie, high sugar meals can affect your body’s ability to get a good night’s rest. So, skip the gas station candy bar and opt in for an apple or a granola bar instead.
  • Invest in your rest – Don’t skimp on spending when it comes to your mattress and pillows. Buying a comfortable mattress and pillows will not only help you get a better night’s sleep; it’ll help you avoid any unneeded body aches and pains. And when you spend most of your time driving, you need all the neck and back support you can get. Trust us, your body will thank you later.

Hopefully our list didn’t put you to sleep – or hey, if it did, try reading it before bed! As long as we’re helping you get the rest you need! At CRST, we believe in doing more than giving our truckers a job that pays well. We believe in taking care of our team by providing a variety of truck driving career options and routes to choose from.

We also pride ourselves on the generous benefits we provide for our drivers like 401k’s, health insurance, veteran’s benefits, competitive pay, guaranteed, paid time off, and much more! Interested in enlisting in our team? View our available trucking jobs by clicking here!