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Saving Money on the Road: 3 Simple Steps Truckers can take to Save Money

saving money on the road

You’re about to head out for your next run, looking forward to whatever compensation lies in store for you at the end of your journey. You’ve been paid by your carrier for this leg of your trips and are ready to hit the road, but before you do, remember that your expenses continue from the time you take a load until you drop it off. To make your money last as long as possible, follow these three money-savvy steps for saving money the next time you get behind the wheel.

Try using apps that locate the cheapest diesel fuel prices near you

Truck drivers are constantly on the move and it’s difficult to stick to a budget when you’re always on the road. To make matters worse, diesel fuel prices fluctuate greatly from state to state and even within states.

Try using an app to find the cheapest diesel fuel prices in your area. One of the more popular apps is Fuel Finder. This app is easy to use and it allows you to set up alerts for when gas prices increase or decrease in your area so that you can get back on the road quickly! Some drivers use an app like TripTik® Truck GPS by Rand McNally or MileMarker™ Fleet Solutions to keep track of their mileage and fuel usage. This makes it easy for them to estimate how much fuel they have left until they need another fill-up.

Plan ahead of the pump

The most important thing to do is plan ahead before a long haul. Make sure you know where you’re going and how much fuel it will take to get there. This way, when you stop for gas, you won’t be tempted by higher prices at the pump.

If you’re taking a trip across multiple states, think about where you can stop and get gas for less. Don’t just assume that all gas stations charge the same price; some are known for charging more than others. If you’re going to be in an area that has more than one station, call around and find out which one has the lowest prices before making your decision about where to stop.

Invest in caring for your truck now to save money in the long haul

Truckers need to keep their semi-trucks well-maintained to keep them running smoothly and ensure that they don’t break down. Regular maintenance work may seem like an annoying financial burden now, but it’s better than a financial catastrophe later if the entire truck breaks down. Saving money is key. Here are a couple money-saving maintenance pointers:

  • Stay on Top of Scheduled Maintenance

One of the best ways for truckers to save money is by staying on top of scheduled maintenance. This includes oil changes, tire rotations and other routine tasks that can help keep your vehicle in good condition while preventing costly repairs later on down the line.

  • Take Care of Your Tires

Proper tire care can increase fuel efficiency and prevent blowouts while you’re driving down the highway at high speeds. It’s important that truckers keep tabs on their tires, so they don’t experience any blowouts or have any problems with traction while driving over long distances in bad weather conditions

Being in the trucking industry can be tough, but when you’re doing your best to keep costs down, it’s even harder. After all, most people don’t see the cost-of-living expenses that go along with being on the road, which results in a general underestimation of the challenges faced by truckers. However, there are some steps that can help. Next time you’re on the road try our recommendations out and see how much you can save.