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Truck Drivers Keep America Running

truck drivers keep America running

Why Truck Driving is Such an Important Job

Truck drivers are vital to America’s economy. Truckers are like the veins of this country – carrying something essential to vital locations in many different directions. However, some peoples’ perspectives are skewed on what truck driving is like – heck, even what truckers themselves are like.

In reality, truckers are the lifeblood of this country. If truck drivers didn’t do their jobs, people would no longer have access to food in certain locations or be able access to life-saving medical equipment. In fact, 72% of goods in America are shipped by truck. If there were no truck drivers, you, your family, and everyone in the U.S. would lack countless amounts of essential goods; it would be a detrimental, life-changing shift in the world as we know it.

If all truckers stopped driving, within less than a week, hospitals would run out of basic medical supplies like insulin, bandages and blood. Runs on food and supply markets will eradicate any surplus of food, fuel and essentials. Within four weeks the entire nation’s clean water supply would be exhausted.

Check out the below infographic detailing exactly how detrimental it would be to have all truck traffic stop. If that doesn’t send the point home, nothing will. Truckers are essential workers; they’re truly helping save lives and keep our country running doing what they do every day.

if trucks stopped

(source: CDLLIFE.COM)


Even when taking the transportation of essential goods out of the picture, how many packages do you get delivered to your doorstep each week? How about each month, or each year? Mhmm. I bet if you add it up that number is a bit shocking to think about. Over 80% of American communities rely on truckers to deliver every day packages.

Honestly, trucking is as essential to us as having an internet connection/phone service. Yes, for fun reasons like getting that new area rug delivered to your doorstep, but also so children in rural hospitals can have access to life-saving insulin or oxygen tanks.

Unfortunately, like many other essential occupations, trucking can be a thankless job. Some truckers miss out on special life events in order to get goods delivered on time and can even struggle with depression. That’s why it’s so important to show our truckers respect and appreciation.

At CRST, our goal is to provide our truckers with great incentives like 401ks, health and dental insurance and consistent routes with home time, among other things to show our appreciation. Plus, we offer veterans special incentives, including higher starting pay, for proven military experience.

If you want to work as a vital component of our country, while also getting compensated fairly and taken care of, speak to one of our experienced recruiters! Give us a call at: 866-271-1054.