July 11, 2023

Driving Safe: Marking CVSA Safe Driver Week and Mastering Speed Management for Truckers

Hello there, road warriors! We’re entering the heart of the summer, and it’s time to put our foot on the brakes – metaphorically, of course. This year, from July 9th – 15th, we’ll be celebrating CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week. The focus this year? Speed – and we’re not talking’ about that movie with Sandra Bullock on a runaway bus. Let’s discuss speed management.

As truckers, we’ve got a hefty responsibility: keeping our 18-wheelers under control and cruising at the right speed safely. So let’s embrace Safe Driver Week and take some time to review our safe driving practices, specifically speed management.

Know Your Limits:

This one’s simple, yet crucial. Adhere to the speed limits. They’re there for a reason, folks. When you respect the limit, you’re less likely to get involved in a crash, and you also save fuel. It might’ve been tricky to know your speed limits in new territory in the 90s but now your GPS programs will tell you what the speed limit is wherever you’re driving. That’s a win-win in our book.

Leave Space:

Remember, for us big rigs, stopping distance is much longer than it is for smaller passenger vehicles. Leaving a good, safe distance between your semi-truck and the vehicle in front of you can prevent a sudden need to brake from becoming a dangerous collision.

Monitor Weather Conditions:

Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice, does she? Rain, fog, snow, or high windschanges in weather conditions can wreak havoc if you’re not prepared. If the weather’s looking rough, reduce your speed. Better to arrive late to your destination than not at all.

Stay Alert in Construction Zones:

Summertime is synonymous with heavy traffic and road construction. Speeding through these construction zones isn’t just dangerous for yourself and for the workers out there just trying to do their jobs, it can also cost you a pretty penny in fines and can even cost you your job as a trucker. So, ease off the accelerator and stay alert.

Slow Down in Curves:

Physics isn’t no joke. Remember, when you’re maneuvering those winding roads, your rig’s high center of gravity makes it more susceptible to rolling over than a passenger vehicle. Slow down before you hit curves and take them gently.

Load with Care:

How you load your rig can change how it handles on the road. An uneven load can cause imbalance, making your truck harder to control, especially at high speeds. Proper loading goes a long way in keeping control and preventing accidents.

The highway is our workplace, partners, and safety are the name of the game. Remember, speeding might get you there quicker, but at what cost? Don’t make one of these common unsafe driving violations. Make sure to keep these tips in mind, not just during Safe Driver Week, but every time you climb into the cab. So, let’s hit the road, take it slow and steady, and show ‘em how it’s done. Safe trucking saves lives!