June 27, 2023

Common Summer Driving Hazards Truckers Should Know About

Hey there, trucking teammates! Summer is on the horizon, meaning longer days, boating, barbecues, and, unfortunately, a few extra summer driving hazards to navigate past on the road. While we all love the freedom of the open road, summer brings a trio of hazards that can put a dent in our day.

Let’s discuss these three summer driving hazards and how to tackle them head-on.

Summer Storms:

When Mother Nature decides to throw a party in summer, she goes all out. We’re talking thunderstorms, hail, heavy winds, and even the occasional tornado – the last thing you want is your rig to be lifted off the ground during your drive, or even seeing a cow fly past your windshield would be pretty wild!

That’s why keeping a close eye on weather reports and planning your routes accordingly is essential. If you get caught in a storm, remember to slow down, keep plenty of distance between vehicles, keep an emergency kit in your rig, and pull over if the weather gets too intense. Remember, there’s no cargo more precious than your life.

Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists, Oh My:

Summer brings out more than just the sunshine; it brings out folks on two wheels or even two feet. Cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians are everywhere, and they can be hard to spot, especially in your rig’s blind spots. Keep your eyes peeled, always signal your intentions, drive defensively, and remember the golden rule of trucking: Never assume your companions on the road have seen you.

Road Construction:

We all have probably heard the saying: winter and construction are two seasons. Summer is prime time for road work: detours, slow-downs, and orange cones galore. Stay updated with your GPS or another traffic app to prepare for or avoid construction zones. Remember, patience is essential when navigating through these areas. After all, those workers are just doing their jobs the same as you. There you have it, the big three summer driving hazards for us truckers. These tips may be helpful, but remember, common sense is the most valuable tool in your toolbox. Stay alert, stay safe, and always be ready to expect the unexpected. Drive safe this summer!