January 09, 2024

A Fresh Start: Healthy Habits for the Truck Driver

The new year gives us a fresh start for healthy habits. Today’s the day to commit to living well. Even though you might be on the road for most of the day or night, you can develop plenty of healthy habits for your body and mind.

Exercise: First, if you think there’s no way you can exercise, here’s an idea—every time you stop for a break, walk! It’s as simple as that—take a walk for a few minutes. Thirty minutes a day, even if broken up in increments of 10 minutes, will help your heart and keep your muscles toned. Also, be sure to get plenty of sleep—eight sound hours if possible. Are you having trouble sleeping? Take a walk before you hit the pillow. Check out our blog “Trucking Life: Keeping an Eye on Your Sleep” for tips to help avoid fatigue.

Diet: As for diet, this will take more discipline, but even though you’re eating at truck stops or bringing food from home, you can still eat clean. The key is avoiding sugar, bread, pasta and potatoes. So, what does that leave you? Grilled chicken, a salad, a hamburger without the bun, and chicken soup (no noodles or potatoes!). Want cream in your coffee? No problem—go for a bit of whole cream. Are you craving a snack? Go for blueberries or a handful of nuts. And don’t forget to take your vitamins—opt for a good multivitamin without all kinds of chemicals or sugar added. Be sure to check the label—organic is usually a good choice. Of course, while you’ll have to be more mindful about what you’re eating, you can do this, and the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience. Look at our blog, “Staying Healthy on the Highway: Easy Meals and Snacks for a Trucker’s Next Long Haul” for more ideas.

Mind: What about your mind? Here’s a rule of thumb: production is the basis of morale. So, if you’re ever feeling down, get very busy! It works wonders. How can you boost your mental power? Listen to audiobooks. What better way to catch up on your reading, learn new things, and keep yourself interested? That’s also key—be interested! Our blog “Trucking Life on the Road” offers more tips for good mental health.

Remember: if you slip back into a bad habit, like eating too much sugar, start fresh again the next day and don’t look back! Every day is a new opportunity to do something good for yourself and develop those healthy habits.