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Online Trucking Reviews-Wading Through The Maze

CRST Dedicated Shows You What To Look For in Trucking Reviews.

It’s hard to go online today without finding a slew of company reviews. And that’s definitely true for the trucking reviews. Let’s face it. Truckers talk, no doubt. Given the high turnover in the industry, there will always be plenty of disgruntled workers talking trash.

So, how do you know if a trucking company is the right one for you? Read between the lines. Any angry person can complain about a slight, small or large. And often reviews are written when someone is ticked off and just wants to vent. The problem with that is the angriest reviews are the ones most likely to have misinformation or at the very least very one-sided information.

Plus, not all reviews are legitimate. You need to read the whole review and then decide if it’s authentic. For instance, reviews with just a rating or very limited words or extreme comments like “Best company ever” or “This business stinks” are probably fake or at least should be taken with a grain of salt. If you find several reviews using the exact same language, those reviews are probably fake or paid for (often both) and should be ignored as well. Look for reviews that go into detail about the nature of the work and company policies for information you can really use.

What good is listening to somebody whine about what may or may not be true? You wouldn’t put up with that in a conversation with friends. Why put up with it when looking for work?

Pick and Choose Trucking Reviews

It makes better sense to pick and choose trucking reviews that are actually helpful. Criticism is fine, as long as it’s tempered with the positive.  No employer is 100% negative or positive.

Before you even get to the reviews, some job hunting experts suggest waiting until just before you talk to a recruiter or snag an interview. If you let reviews influence your decision from the start, you could end up missing some good job opportunities.

Remember people who have something negative to say will always grab more attention than those who are positive. For the negative Neds, venting feels good. On the other hand, if you’re reading reviews and you start to see a trend, take note. If there are a lot of complaints about dispatchers or guaranteed home time, pay attention. Repeated negative reviews about specific practices or concerns can indicate that there are issues-issues that might want to avoid.

Whatever reviews you read, don’t take them at face value. Someone complaining about pay and vacation may not have understood the policy in the first place. If ten people are complaining, that’s another matter.

So after you’ve read the reviews and weighed the good and the bad, what do you do with the info? At CRST, we recommend you use it to make your discussions with recruiters better. After all, instead of talking to a recruiter blind, you’ve actually done your homework. Ask about what you’ve read. Be nice-like you understand the company might be reorganizing but what’s this all about? Chances are good the company is well aware of what current and past employees are saying about it.

Once you hear the other side, you’ll be better prepared to decide if this is the company for you. Then, no matter what your decision, you made it with the best information available. Can’t do much better than that!