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Along For the Ride Podcast #1 – Chief Operating Officer Mike Gannon

Along for the Ride podcast logo

CRST The Transportation Solution Inc. is proud to promote a new podcast: Along For The Ride. The bi-weekly show introduces listeners to CRST management, support staff, and driving partners for an inside look at trucking and logistics. In this first episode we talk with Chief Operating Officer Mike Gannon.

CRST Driver Mentor Coordinator, Brian Eichenberger, is the man behind the mic. The part-time radio DJ brings his classic radio voice and natural curiosity to the project. “When you sit down with someone you want to hear their story. That’s what this podcast is all about,” says Brian.   

Join Brian on the first episode of Along for the Ride and learn more about the changes during the 37-year career of Chief Operating Officer Mike Gannon.

Listen to our Along for the Ride podcast right here from our Blog on, on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.