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Like CRST Dedicated Services, Inc.?  Refer a Friend!

CRST Dedicated drivers have regular home time and other benefits.

Some of the most successful companies in the United States have employee referral programs. In fact, some companies boast that up to 50% of their new workers come from referrals made by current employees. There are many advantages to referrals. New members of the fleet come in knowing at least one other person. And knowing someone else can help with understanding how a company works as well as retention, another major goal of most companies.

Roads 2 Riches Referral Program

Trucker Referral Program - CRST Dedicated, Inc. - Iowa

CRST Dedicated Services, Inc. is launching its Roads 2 Riches Referral Program. It’s a multi-tiered payment system that’s based on how much trucking experience the referral has. We are always looking for new drivers at all levels of experience to staff our dedicated routes throughout the country. 

How It Works

Our 2016 Roads 2 Riches employee referral program runs through Nov. 30. If you’re an employee, in any capacity with CRST Dedicated Services, Inc., just provide us the name and contact information we need to reach out to the prospective employee. Maybe you’ve met a solid trucker on the road who would be a good fit for CRST Dedicated Services, Inc. or your lifelong friend in need of a change. Let us know about it!

We’ve made it easy to share the information. Just fill out our referral program form. Make sure, you’ve gathered all the specific information like the referral’s contact information-email and phone. And just as important, make sure the referral puts your name down on the application so you get the credit!

Although experience drivers can make a quick transition to CRST Dedicated Services, Inc., we’re also looking for drivers with less experience.  Here’s how the referral reward works:

  • For experienced driver referrals, we’ll pay $500.00.
  • For referrals of recent grads or less experienced drivers, $250.00
  • A referral of a student, $100.00

Once you’ve made the reference and filled out the form, check back with the recruiting office for updates.  Recruiting Hotline is 866-325-2778 or e-mail us at

You’re fueled by freedom. Bring a friend along!