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How to Keep Shipments Safe and Secure

According to the latest research from Technavio, the courier and local delivery market is expected to see an increase in value of $23.18 million from 2020 to 2025, driven largely by the boom in internet shopping. While this is positive news for CRST The Transportation Solution Inc., CRST has put proper safety protocols in place to keep shipments safe, as well as our drivers and freight.

First and foremost, improperly packed and shipped products often lead to expensive damages and replacements. Theft or loss may also occur if something goes wrong between the warehouse and the destination. In either scenario, customers will be unhappy — which in turn costs businesses revenue. At CRST, we know exactly how to avoid these mistakes and ensure excellent service. Since 1955, we’ve evolved our expertise to match client needs and deliver quality transportation solutions. Here are just three ways we keep shipments safe and secure:

1. Monitor shipment quality and condition

As we discussed in a previous CRST blog article, it’s critical for manufacturers and their transportation partners to be more diligent when preparing fragile or high-value goods. Certain goods require special packaging or specific handling instructions, but not all transportation companies adequately provide this. In fact, a typical LTL network may have a damage rate of up to 6% In contrast, CRST has a damage rate of about one-quarter of one percent. It’s essential to pack items in a way that adequately protects them during transit, preferably with secure closings and cushioning.

Logistics services should likewise monitor the overall condition of goods –– especially those that are temperature-sensitive, like medicines or frozen foods. This requires special cold-chain storage, as well as modern shipping technologies that use sensors to detect changes in temperature or light. Incidentally, these same technologies can also alert handlers if a package has been opened prior to delivery. If a breach occurs, those along the supply chain can act promptly and respond to issues in real-time.

2. Protect fleets with technology

With logistics growing more digitized, it’s beneficial to implement technologies to keep operations on track and running at maximum efficiency. In part, this is one reason why CRST has begun using an all-in-one fleet management system with electronic logging devices. With a more complete view of driver and dispatch data, CRST’s 5000+ truck fleet can enhance shipper experience, automate operations, and better manage capacity. As more technology is implemented, however, it’s important to recognize that fleet cybersecurity risks can be significant as to see vehicles completely disabled. As we continue to adopt telematics, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other tools that connect fleet vehicles, there is a greater need to protect the tech against mishaps or interference.

Investing in advanced software development practices allows freight networks to create updated programs and applications for improved tracking, privacy, and more. By upskilling software professionals in areas like programming, databases, cloud environments, and interface design, companies can guarantee increased protection for their fleets. Software professionals can use robust tracking telematics to ensure vehicles are regularly maintained and repaired –– all while taking a proactive approach to security.

3. Enhance theft prevention measures

As much as services want to ensure the safe and on-time delivery of products, external factors can come into play. For theft prevention, CRST has invested in tracking software to more closely monitor shipment locations in real time; these map-based applications also help fleet managers identify the most secure routes. Case in point, CRST’s fleet management system is collecting data on an increased frequency to provide customers with higher-resolution visibility on shipments. We’ve found that with stronger visibility comes greater peace of mind at both ends of the supply chain.

CRST keeps shipments safe by keeping your cargo from harsh conditions using high-end technology, and ensuring your freight is delivered quickly and carefully.

Exclusive for by Madison Grace