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Team CRST Driver Spotlight: Alan Clark

Alan Clark has been a driver with CRST for one and a half years. Delivering life-saving plasma for McKesson, driving is something you could say is in his blood. “Driving runs in my family. My dad, brother, sister-in-law, mother, and stepfather are all current or past truck drivers,” said Clark. “My stepfather helped put me through school to get my CDL.”

While his extensive family experience in the industry is somewhat unusual, it’s his unique hobby while on the road that often gets people’s attention: knitting.

“I started knitting as a destressing activity and to work on blood circulation in one of my hands,” he explained. “I do proper trip planning, so most of my 10-hour reset breaks are usually 12-14 hours long. That gives me plenty of time to cook, clean up, video chat with my family, and knit before going to sleep.”

Clark found that knitting’s repetitive nature helps him destress, unwind, and clear his mind after a long day on the road. After outfitting his family with knitted gifts, he wanted to find a place for the continual supply of handmade hats, scarves, and mittens he created on the road. The answer became clear during a stay at the hospital for the birth of his daughter.

“When my wife was pregnant, one of the nurses mentioned that the social worker at the hospital made goodie bags for new mothers and said they would love hats and little mittens for the babies,” Clark said. “So I started giving hospitals what I made. Recently, I also began donating them to a child services facility and a women’s shelter near me.”

Clark finds satisfaction in giving homemade items to people in the community who need them. He hopes they enjoy the pieces as much as he enjoys creating them. As for encouraging others to find a new skill or hobby, Clark believes everyone could benefit from trying something new. “I truly believe every person, not just drivers, should have a hobby. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it is something you enjoy and it helps you relax, you should pursue it,” he said.

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