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CRST Women of Inspiration

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Each month, we will feature a story of one of the many inspirational women we are honored to work with at CRST.  We will tell the stories of women…

  • Who motivate us through their work ethic and their leadership
  • Who provide mentorship and support for other women
  • Who make their work and communities a better place
  • Who have faced and conquered adversity

We are proud to share their stories, and hope they can inspire us all to be brave, reach farther and achieve our fullest potential!

3 Million-Milers Share Secrets to Success

This month we feature three women drivers who have driven 1 million miles without an accident. Now that’s inspiring! Watch their video and learn why Jan, Lana and Veronica enjoy being professional drivers for CRST and their secrets to success. Listen to their advice on what it takes to be a female professional driver.