January 17, 2024

CRST Partners with National C-Store Chain to Update 2000 Stores

Specialized Solutions

With a well-planned approach of an acquisition, a national convenience store chain needed a partner to refresh point of sale (POS) equipment for nearly 2,000 stores nationwide. With a well-planned approach, CRST Specialized Solutions efficiently managed and warehoused more than 1,000 unique part numbers, completed 3,500 transportation events and achieved an on-time delivery rate of over 99%.

The Challenge

A national convenience store chain needed an expert partner to develop a solution to support re-fit of the recently purchased stores. To successfully accomplish this goal, the project needed to be managed in two phases of order fulfillment, which included:

Phase 1:

  • Deliver Point of Sale (POS) equipment to over 2,000 stores
  • System management of customer Bill of Materials per store
  • Nearly 100 unique SKUs per store

Phase 2:

  • Remodel program targeting 2,000 stores
  • Over 100 unique Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) per store
  • System management of custom Bill of Materials per store
  • Supplier management and direct ship of cabinetry
  • Management of blanket-wrap truckloads from supplier to store
  • Reverse logistics for nearly 2,000 pallets of used equipment

Partnership was key to our success. Months before the deliveries began, we spent hours with CRST and the equipment suppliers to ensure everyone was in unison with how the product was going to be released.

COMMODITY MANAGER – Equipment, National Convenience Store Chain

A Successful Service Strategy

Utilizing its network of regional distribution centers and customer product management (CPM) system, the customer was able to release bulk quantities of store equipment to designated CRST distribution centers. There, the product was bar-coded and scanned in CRST’s CPM system creating a solution that was efficient, cost-effective and expertly executed.

We are proud of the results that we were able to deliver. Our team is committed to providing superior service, so our customers can stay focused on their business.

LINDA MUNDIE, Vice President, Regional Sales

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

CRST handled the fulfillment of each order (pick, pack, and ready to ship), and coordinated multiple store deliveries daily with the store construction team. Each shipment required a lift gate and inside delivery of the store equipment.

Removal of Old Equipment

Replaced equipment was returned to the distribution center by CRST. There it was inventoried in the CPM
by store and dispositioned according to the customer’s direction.

The Results

CRST successfully completed the POS refresh of nearly 2,000 stores nationwide according to the customer’s schedule. The team and support network managed several areas, including:

  • 3,500 transportation events
  • On-time delivery exceeding 99%, to the day and hour window
  • Utilization of nearly 200,000 square feet of warehousing
  • Management of nearly 1,000 unique part numbers

Ready To Work With CRST

For nearly 70 years, CRST has provided solutions to keep America’s supply chain moving. We plan to continue that trend for decades to come through unmatched service and delivering on our promises.

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