January 17, 2024

CRST Driver Named America’s Road Team Captain

CRST driver Brian Sheehan has been selected as a captain for the American Trucking Associations’ America’s Road Team. Brian joins a new team of 24 professional truck drivers selected from around the country. America’s Road Team captains participate in events nationwide to reinforce the trucking industry’s commitment to safety, sustainability and professionalism.

“This elite group of professionals rose to the top of their field through years of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to safety that is measured in millions of miles,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “These exceptional individuals embody an essential segment of the American workforce whose contributions are seen and felt by virtually everyone in this country. As these captains now head over the road with a new mission and a vital message to share, we take extreme pride in their achievements and know that our nation will learn many valuable lessons from them and the example they set for our entire industry.”

An independent contractor for CRST’s Specialized Solutions business, Brian has extensive driving experience with 28 years and 2.8 million safe miles hauling high value products across the country. A United States Marine Corp veteran, Brian has an eye for detail and is an effective communicator.

“I’m ecstatic and very proud to represent the industry and CRST,” said Sheehan. “I truly am honored to be a part of something that can create change.”

Brian will tell you making safe, on-time deliveries and working with customers is what makes his best day on the job. As captain, his focus will be to show the public the benefits of the trucking industry. He also wants to inspire the next generation of drivers to discover this industry and the full potential of trucking.

“CRST is proud to have one of our own represent the industry as an America’s Road Team captain,” said CRST President and CEO Hugh Ekberg. “Brian’s character and commitment to safety sets the bar for all drivers. We look forward to supporting him and the entire team.”

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