September 28, 2022

Women in Trucking – Owning It With Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor joined CRST — and her husband, Dean — as a Teams Driver after a 29-year career in healthcare.

“I was burned out as a CNA — I just couldn’t do it anymore and needed a change. If you’d told me back then I’d be a truck driver, I wouldn’t have believed you. But I went to CRST’s school in 2017. I’ve been driving with my husband ever since and love it!”

“Driving is freedom. Since we’ve leased our truck, we’re pretty much self-sufficient. We choose our loads, schedule, routes, and home time. We choose our income.”


September 21, 2022

Women in Trucking – From Grief to Glory with Marianne Witherspoon

Marianne Witherspoon’s driving career was born out of her response to grief. She needed solitude to heal after the passing of her mother.

“I couldn’t handle the loss of my mom — she was only 70. I needed space. So I decided to go to school, get my CDL, and see the world.


June 24, 2022

Women in Trucking – Sharing the Joy in the Journey with Beth Goss

Whether working as a homeschool parent or reinventing herself as a CRST Expedited Truck Driver, Beth Goss keeps joy and gratitude central in her day to day.

“Even when things are frustrating, my job is so much fun. I love traveling this beautiful country — it’s breathtaking. My keys to succeeding every single day are enjoying the journey, being thankful, and respecting the people I meet.”


May 31, 2022

Women in Trucking – Meet Whitney

.“Learning trucking is more than just getting your license. It’s being trained to watch ten things at one time. It’s being kind and courteous, caring about everyone on the road, and not just making the dollar.” – Whitney


October 07, 2021

Women in Trucking – Meet Ronnie

Learn more about CRST’s Women in Trucking!


September 03, 2021

Women in Trucking Spotlight – Sibling Success

Learn all about this winning CRST driving team!


August 27, 2021

Life of a New Driver – Jennifer Smith

Jennifer is loving her new career driving for CRST.


August 13, 2021

Women in Trucking – Patricia Kirk

Meet one of CRST’s exceptional women drivers!


August 02, 2021

Teams Success Story – Beth & Tim

Beth Baker and Tim Huffman have been driving for nine years with CRST Dedicated East. This husband-wife duo has created an ideal work relationship to get the job done—and done right! The couple has a lot in common, starting with their history of driver mentoring. Beth and Tim have trained dozens of students over the […]


July 16, 2021

Women in Trucking Spotlight – Jan Wesby

Jan Wesby sets the bar high for safety and a whole lot more. The 24-year CRST Independent Contractor is devoted to the company and helping others succeed. Over the course of her career, Jan has logged more than 1.3 million safe miles. Fortunately for CRST, this professional driver is also a role model.