March 04, 2022

Along for the Ride Podcast #16 – Expedited Solutions Driver Mentor, Tyler Jungwirth

CRST Expedited Solutions Driver Mentor Tyler Jungwirth goes “Along For The Ride.” Tyler talks about his path and why he chose CRST. Tyler offers advice to Drivers that are new to the industry and why a truck stop in Texas is the best place to get a meal.


February 11, 2022

Along for the Ride Podcast #15 – CRST President & CEO, Hugh Ekberg

The President & CEO of CRST, Hugh Ekberg goes Along For The Ride! Hugh talks about his first management roles, including a soap factory in Boston. He shares his thoughts on what leadership is and three things that are common in all businesses.


January 31, 2022

Along for the Ride Podcast #14 – President of CRST Flatbed Solutions & CRST Integrated Solutions, Chris DeSchaine

Chris DeSchaine, President of CRST Flatbed Solutions and CRST Integrated Solutions goes Along For The Ride! Chris discusses the differences in running flatbed versus dry van and the new training program at CRST Flatbed Solutions.


January 13, 2022

Along for the Ride Podcast #13 – Clister & Michael Terry

We start 2022 with a team that has been with CRST for quite a few years. Driver Services Manager, Clister Terry talks about starting her career, working with Michael as a team driver and what the oddest thing she saw brought to the Training Center.


January 03, 2022

Along for the Ride Podcast #12 – The Road Already Traveled

This episode is a compilation of our guests we have had on the show in 2021. We recount stories from million-mile drivers, Driver Mentors, members of the CRST Executive Team, and even John & Dyan Smith!


December 06, 2021

Along for the Ride Podcast #11 – Dedicated Solutions Driver Mentor, Asian Gainwell

This episode centers around CRST Driver Mentors. First, Manager – Driver Mentor, Amanda Scherbring joins us. Amanda talks about her career path with CRST and a change within the Driver Mentor Program.


November 16, 2021

Along for the Ride Podcast #10 – CRST Owners, John Smith & Dyan Smith

CRST owners John & Dyan Smith join us for our tenth episode. John is CRST’s Chairman of The Board. Dyan serves on the Board of Directors. John & Dyan share stories about the company founders, Herald & Miriam Smith. John recounts how his grandfather owned a trucking company back in the 1930s and how his father started CRST.


November 02, 2021

Along for the Ride Podcast #9 – David Vavra & Vonkendrick White

CRST Dedicated East Solutions is highlighted in this episode. First, Dedicated East Safety Trainer, David Vavra joins us. David talks about training horses for the racetrack and what brought him to CRST. David offers some advice for new Driver Mentors and Students about fatigue.


October 19, 2021

Along for the Ride Podcast #8 – “Big Country” Melvin Hamlin

CRST Expedited Solutions “Big Country” Melvin Hamlin, is our featured guest on our Along for the Ride podcast.


October 05, 2021

Along for the Ride Podcast #7 – Chatting with Chad

Get insights from from CRST Pres. of Expedited Solutions, Chad Brueck.