October 07, 2021

Women in Trucking – Meet Ronnie

Learn more about CRST’s Women in Trucking!


September 03, 2021

Women in Trucking Spotlight – Sibling Success

Learn all about this winning CRST driving team!


August 27, 2021

Life of a New Driver – Jennifer Smith

Jennifer is loving her new career driving for CRST.


August 13, 2021

Women in Trucking – Patricia Kirk

Meet one of CRST’s exceptional women drivers!


August 02, 2021

Teams Success Story – Beth & Tim

Beth Baker and Tim Huffman have been driving for nine years with CRST Dedicated East. This husband-wife duo has created an ideal work relationship to get the job done—and done right! The couple has a lot in common, starting with their history of driver mentoring. Beth and Tim have trained dozens of students over the […]


July 16, 2021

Women in Trucking Spotlight – Jan Wesby

Jan Wesby sets the bar high for safety and a whole lot more. The 24-year CRST Independent Contractor is devoted to the company and helping others succeed. Over the course of her career, Jan has logged more than 1.3 million safe miles. Fortunately for CRST, this professional driver is also a role model.


July 06, 2021

Career-Pathing Spotlight – Amanda Scherbring

In both our personal and professional lives, we can all benefit from learning new things and taking advantage of new opportunities. That’s what career pathing is all about at CRST. Amanda Scherbring is a prime example. Now in her seventh role with CRST, the Driver Mentor Manager says there are many advancement opportunities available across […]


June 17, 2021

Owner-Operator Spotlight – Becky Brockman

“I care about my drivers, their families, and their needs. They’re not just a number.” Becky Brockman They say experience counts. Well, Becky Brockman has accumulated a lot of it! Becky began her trucking career in 1979 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. She and her former husband, Paul, drove cross country and accumulated thousands of miles […]


May 26, 2021

Women in Trucking – Linda Zimmerman

Let’s meet a CRST driver who’s making a lasting impression for her positive actions on and off the road. Linda Zimmerman has been with CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. for 10 years. She became a Million-Mile Award winner in January 2021. Linda’s part of a dynamic duo. She and her husband, Paul, are past winners of CRST’s Team of the Year.


March 08, 2021

Women In Trucking Spotlight – Karolyn Hutchison

March 8, 2021 commemorates International Women’s Day (IWD), and we want to share how much we appreciate the 100’s of women on our team.   Freightwaves has found that women now make up 10% of the driving population and this number continues to rise every year. This important group of women are an inspiration to everyone in the industry through […]