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The Life-Saving Benefits of Proper Cargo Securement

Proper cargo securement protects all highway users, so prioritize safety and secure every load to save lives. Contact us at CRST today for safe transport!

Ensure your load is properly secured before going down the road. When flatbed truck drivers follow cargo securement best practices, they dramatically reduce the risks of shifting loads, falling cargo, and loss of vehicle control.

The potential dangers of unsecured cargo

Physics shows that unsecured cargo can become dangerous projectiles when forces like hard braking, sharp turns, or crashes are applied. Recent research found that 15% of large truck accidents stem from load shifts or spills. Another 200+ fatal crashes annually involve improperly secured cargo. Dangers include:

  • Loads spilling onto roads, requiring cleanup crews
  • Cargo falling onto other vehicles, harming motorists
  • Unexpected load shifts causing rollovers
  • Drivers lose control when cargo moves suddenly

Oversized items that come loose at high speeds can be especially hazardous for flatbeds. Preventing slippage, tipping, or falling is critical.

Follow Vital Steps to Secure All Loads Properly

All flatbed carriers must make cargo securement standard practice before each haul. Steps include:

  • Carefully gauging load size, shape, and weight distribution
  • Having sufficient securement gear (straps, chains, blocks, etc.)
  • Following all FMCSA regulations for restraint
  • Immobilizing cargo so it cannot shift during transport
  • Re-checking load security repeatedly on long trips

Sensor Tech Can Also Help Prevent Shifting

While proper securement relies heavily on human attention, some emerging truck tech aims to monitor loads automatically. Investing in sensor-equipped straps or trailers with built-in movement alerts could provide helpful oversight.

Achieving Universal Commitment to Safe Loads

Proper cargo securement can protect highway users. Accidents can be prevented when flatbed firms and drivers strictly follow securement regulations. Shippers must also prioritize safety over speed when planning loads. Lawmakers need to mandate compliance through fines for violations. An industry-wide commitment to proper securement is essential.

Here at CRST, we are fully dedicated to best practices for cargo integrity because safe trucking is life-saving trucking. We urge all carriers to secure every load as if lives depend on it – because they do. To learn more about our award-winning safety record, contact us today to transport your cargo safely!