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2024 Drive to Inspire Honors Impeccable Safety Records & Top Agents

On April 5, CRST honored drivers, agents, and technicians for impeccable safety records at the 2024 Drive to Inspire event at the Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, AL. With more than 100 million safety miles logged, the event brought together the best of Team CRST and their families for a weekend of celebration.

“Drive to Inspire is an important way we show our appreciation for our million-mile and longevity drivers, high-performing technicians, shop managers, and top agents,” CRST President and CEO Hugh Ekberg emphasized.

“Safety is at the core of all we do, and it’s crucial that we continue to recognize our team members who demonstrate it daily.”

The day was filled with a myriad of activities. Attendees had the chance to participate in the NASCAR Driving Experience. They also showcased their skills in contests such as the Truck Roadeo, Pre-Trip Inspection contest, and the Show & Shine Truck Beauty Contest. For those interested in industry insights, Vendor Alley offered the opportunity to visit industry vendors and sponsor booths throughout the day.

Awards were presented to individuals for top-earning agents and safety achievements at CRST. First, the agent luncheon celebrated agents with $1 million or more in revenue and announced CRST’s Agent Rookie of the Year award. That evening, the Circle of Honor Dinner recognized drivers with more than one million Safe Miles with CRST or more than 10 years of safe working, as well as technicians and shop managers who demonstrated leadership in safety and operational excellence. The event was capped off with live music to round out the night!

“It was our goal to make our honorees feel special and proud of their accomplishments,” said Perry Moser, Vice President of Safety at CRST.

“CRST wanted to put on a celebration that matches the emphasis we put on safety every day – and that means it’s got to be big!”

Check out the complete list of honorees and contest winners below:

2024 Drive to Inspire Honorees


  • Safety Advocate: Mike Krummel
  • Top Agent: Andy Buckman
  • Agent Revenue:
    • Brandon Greer
    • Dusten Murden
    • Mike Krummel
    • Shelia Larson
    • Lon Winchester
    • Mark Hedges
    • Andrea Titus
    • James Clark
    • Robert Day
    • Clara Glover
    • Tom Avampato
    • Wayne Fraizer
    • Christopher Taylor
    • Dina Berg
    • Peggy Rivers
    • Lori Turner
    • Rich Baduini
    • Jerry Graham
    • David Copeland
    • Rick Purdy
    • Robbie Carney
    • Debbie Wolfe
    • Greg Swift
    • Todd Olander
    • Kim Filipas
  • Rookie Agent of the Year: Greg Swift
  • Agent of the Year: Kim Filipas



10 years

  • James Liberman​
  • Charles Hitchcock
  • Marti Medrano​
  • Richard Griffin
  • Jose Aguero​
  • Carlos Casamalhuapa
  • Stacey Bell​
  • James Berry

15 years

  • Mario Calderon​
  • Fernando Lopez
  • Mark Green​
  • Carlos Vigil
  • Danny McBride​
  • Christopher Armstrong

20 years

  • David Exnowski​
  • Christopher Alva
  • Calvin Berrian


One Million Milers 

  • Otis Page​
  • Josh Ritter​
  • Daniel Dunn Jr.​
  • Ellen McBryant
  • Jeffery Dicks​
  • David Rockwood
  • Ronald Rizzo​
  • Mauro Martinez
  • Gary McGuire​
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • Brian Hartley​
  • Steven Yenchko
  • Johnnie Mcglothen​
  • James Harvey​
  • Dale Kishmer​
  • Terisa McGuire
  • Danny Aubry​
  • Gene Wolfe​
  • Logan Wood​
  • Bernard Giette
  • Wayne Hartman​
  • Barry Higginbotham​
  • Jerry Stevens​
  • Harmon Castro
  • David Willis​
  • Wesley Ward​
  • David Tromp​
  • George Johnson
  • Jose’ Cornejo​
  • Jeff Bone​
  • Kevin Boydston​
  • William Butler
  • Glen Briggs​
  • John Bruno​
  • Todd Carroll​
  • Raul Gamboa
  • Mikkola Burns​
  • Eric Castleberry​
  • Kenda Blair​
  • Blenda Blair
  • Keith Davis​
  • William Reynolds​
  • Roger McCamey​
  • Francois Barbe
  • Billy Davis​
  • Robert Deason
  • Daniel Hoover
  • Albert Bremkamp
  • Patrick Carney

Two Million Milers

  • Gregory Leigh​
  • Patricia Kirk​
  • Bob Mowery​
  • Mark Herlacher
  • Gary Warford​
  • Mike Wendell​
  • Chris Raatz​
  • Eric Westman
  • Ron Peavey​
  • Rodrick Breedlove​
  • Jacqueline Vasquez
  • Edward Rainwater Jr.​
  • Daniel Smith​
  • Ted Bennick

Three Million Milers

  • Mark Vironda​
  • Ted Bacon

Four Million Miler

  • Charlie Watkins



Technicians of the Year:

  • Mike Lipginski​
  • David Nguyen
  • Brian Smith
  • Refugio Ortiz​
  • Ron Schepers
  • Time Greene

Shop Manager of the Year

  • Grant Thomas​
  • John Boring



NASCAR Driving Experience – Fastest Lap Award

  • Calvin Berrian

Show & Shine

  • First Place: Mark Vironda
  • Second Place: Wes Ward
  • Third Place: Brian Sheehan

Truck Roadeo

  • First Place: Brenda Ardis
  • Second Place: Big Country
  • Third Place: Mike Wendell

Pre-Trip Inspection

  • First Place: Matt Ardis
  • Second Place: Ron Peavey
  • Third Place: Robbie Carney