CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. is Delivering Promises and Driving Success to Ensure Everyone Has What's Needed to Live and Thrive. Today, more than ever, we are looking for talented individuals who will help us bring this vision to life.

Supervisor – Incident Response

Corporate Overview: CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. is delivering promises and driving success so we can all have what we need to live and thrive. We need talented individuals to help us bring this vision to life.

Division Overview: CRST’s Finance/Risk team is dedicated to investing in our company and its workforce. With our strategic plan as a guide, we strive to increase profitability, remain committed to compliance, grow our company, and reduce risk.

Role Overview:  The Supervisor Incident Response will supervise and be a participating member of the Team of Incident Response Coordinator s and Claims Specialists responsible for taking first report calls of accidents and other incidents from drivers and other company personnel, providing those persons with follow-up instructions under company protocols, recording information about the incident into incident tracking software, assigning and obtaining information from scene adjusters as needed, gathering and preserving evidence, notifying third party claims administrators,  and coordinating communications and follow-up with affected employees and contractors and with other departments, such as Maintenance, Safety, and Customer Service.  

Role Responsibilities: 

  • Develop skills and provide supervision of staff responsible for incident responses.  

  • Work with Claims Examiners, Managers, and Directors to assist in the adjudication of auto liability, general liability, cargo liability, and workers’ compensation claims against the company.  

  • Directly perform and supervise a team to perform the following tasks:  

    • Take first reports of incidents by phone and electronic submission.  

  • Provide action items to employees and contractors involved in incidents according to company protocol.  

  • Coordinate incident responses with other departments, including Safety, Maintenance, and Customer Service, and internally communicate incident notices.  

  • Record information into incident tracking software.  

  • Assign and obtain information from on-scene claims adjusters and emergency towing services.  

  • Obtain and file copies of police reports, photos, and other incident-related documents.  

  • Collect and preserve evidence in anticipation of litigation.  

  • Provide first notice to third-party claims administrators.  

  • Communicate by phone and email to obtain detailed information concerning incidents.  

  • Conduct incident fact investigations.  

  • Commence claims adjudication as directed by the supervisor.  

  • Assist Claims Managers and Directors in responding to discovery requests in litigated claims.  

  • Generate reports for supervisors and other departments as needed.  

  • Adhere to federal and state laws regarding claim handling and following best practices as established by the company.  

  • Other duties as assigned.  

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