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Facilities Maintenance Technician

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CRST is seeking a full-time Facilities Maintenance Technician in Riverside, CA to join us.


Job Summary: The Facilities Maintenance Technician is responsible for the upkeep of a facility. They are skilled in a variety of areas including plumbing, carpentry, and electrical systems. Duties include inspecting buildings, maintaining inventory, and scheduling repairs.


Job Schedule: Primary working hours are Monday-Friday 7:00am – 3:30pm

Compensation: $18-$24/hr



  • Inspecting buildings, equipment, and systems to identify any issues. Repair faulty equipment and damaged structures, and manage heating & plumbing systems to guarantee functionality. Plan and schedule repairs. Conduct periodic quality checks on equipment and facilities to ensure everything is up to standard. Perform general maintenance tasks including, landscaping/ repair, basic drywall repair, painting, and carpentry. Perform general maintenance tasks and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Customer Service – Provide a friendly greeting to all guests entering the Training Center. Answer all phone calls to the front desk providing quality customer service and transfer to the appropriate station as needed. Assist guests with questions they have by either providing them the answer or getting them to the right people that can assist them. Provide direction to guests as to where they need to be for training, orientation, shop, or shuttle services. Make announcements using a paging system to all guests notifying them of upcoming shuttle services and activities. Assist guests with printing documents that they need and/or faxing documents for them. Assist with Computer Lab issues by escalating to the IT department if necessary. Assist with guest mail services for letters and packages. Assist guests with amenities including grill kits, television remotes, vending machine issues and refunds, change machines, game room and entertainment items, movie room, laundry machines, and other items as necessary. Continual processing of emails and regularly answering questions and escalating issues as necessary.
  • Guest Conflict Resolution – Acting as the front-line resource, facilitate the resolution of conflicts between guests by being a neutral intermediary and a calming influence. Escalate issues as necessary to management. Take statements from involved parties and complete and distribute incident reports listing parties involved, times and places, and sequences of events.
  • Lodging Services (Internal) – Check CRST guests into the Training Center by entering their information into the system completely and accurately, assigning them a bed, issuing key cards, having guests complete acknowledgment documentation of the Training Center rules, and signing for receipt of their linen. Check CRST guests out of the system upon completion of their stay within the Training Center ensuring that key cards, locker keys, and linen are properly returned. Reprogram key cards/door locks when not working properly for the guests. Launder returned bedding and make-up bedding bins to be issued to new guests. Monthly accounting of linen inventory ensuring enough supplies for the guests
  • Lodging Services (External) – Issue vouchers required for guests approved by Operations or Recruiting to stay at preferred outside lodging and act as liaison with the hotel staff. Work with booking partners to reserve hotel beds for overflow hotels. Ensure the lowest cost hotel options are routinely used and endure the pairing up of guests in double-bed rooms. Run daily lodging metrics reports and distribute them to the management team.
  • Transportation Operations – Conduct hiring of daily augmentee CRST Hired Driver for shuttle and desk duties as needed and ensuring that augmentee drivers are active in McCleod and have no restrictions per Medical, Operations, or HR. Oversee augmentee drivers to maintain full utilization and quality of work and reporting any issues to facility leadership. Dispatch augmentee and/or staff drivers for shuttles for required routes and any additional authorized requests while providing direction for efficient shuttle operations. Procure external transportation services (Uber, taxi) in instances where the shuttle is unavailable or not ideal. Ensure shuttle vehicles are properly inspected with each shift and ensure scheduled maintenance schedules are strictly adhered to. Drive the shuttle in the event no permanent or augmentee driver is available.
  • Facility Operations (Building) – Provide quality assurance for the custodial staff ensuring that the building’s cleanliness is maintained to standards and that any emergency requirements are handled as quickly as possible. Enter work orders for maintenance issues in the building and provide direction to maintenance staff. Provide direction to outside vendors in the building setting up service or for repairs. Stock and organize incoming supply orders in a neat and orderly fashion. Maintain a clean and clutter-free front desk work area. Run and distribute operations metrics reports in a timely manner as required or requested by Management, Recruiting, and Operations. Keep all posted schedules and documents current and updated. Handle any food service needs as assigned by the facility. Know all emergency procedures and reporting procedures.
  • Facility Operations (Yard) – Act as a communication resource for security services in controlling the inbound/outbound gate to the yard. Conduct security, safety, and quality checks of the yard reporting immediately any issue that is a violation of policy or standards. Utilizing custodial or augmentee driver resources, ensure that the yard’s cleanliness is maintained. Enter work orders for maintenance issues in the yard and provide direction to maintenance staff. Provide direction to outside vendors in setting up service or for repairs. · Parking Control – Issue long-term parking permits and track long-term parking for drivers leaving their privately-owned vehicles at the yard. Issue temporary parking permits for students for the time they arrive at the facility and until they are hired or dismissed. Conduct parking audits to ensure compliance with parking rules. Issue parking violation notices and contact towing service for cars needing to be moved.
  • Other Duties – Other duties may be assigned as necessary to meet the current business needs.


Experience Desired:

  • 0-12 months experience in relevant field (preferred)
  • HS Diploma or GED (required)
  • Certification in relevant field HVAC, building maintenance technology or relevant field (preferred)
  • Advanced understanding of general maintenance procedures and techniques. Physically capable and available to work overtime including weekends, public holidays, and evenings. Effective problem-solving skills – must be well organized and have the ability to prioritize tasks, proactive with repairs.
  • Attention to detail


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The pay range for this position is $18.94 – $28.41/hr.  A final offer amount is dependent on factors including prior relevant experience, knowledge, and location.  Typically, selected candidates are hired at a rate between the minimum and midpoint of the range.  For roles that are commission or bonus eligible, your recruiter can share more details regarding the specifics for these positions.

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